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I'll be working into my 60s, vows Tubs (40)

TWENTY more years on air. That was the call from presenter Ryan Tubridy as he celebrated his 40th birthday last night.


The 2fm presenter has told the Herald that he will continue working into his 60s.

He wants to the Late Late Show for another decade and then, who knows.

Having taken over the flagship Friday night chat show in 2009, he revealed he could remain in the job for some time to come.



"Five years, definitely, 10 years?

"I wouldn't rule that out either, because I feel like I am still getting my feet under the desk but there is plenty more work to be done," he said.

But he said he would "go bonkers" if he held the job as long as original MC Gay Byrne, who clocked up 37 years as host.

"Not a chance I would do it that long, neither would I have the inclination or interest in doing the same job for that long. I'd go bonkers. I plan on retiring and scaling down everything in my early sixties," he said.

However, he has hinted for the first time that his future might not always be with pop station 2fm.



"I am committed to my job presenting a radio show, and doing a TV show.

"But it's down to who's in charge to decide on what show, on what slot and on what station.

"If somebody decided I would be better off somewhere else, that's their decision, but it's not mine.

"I just get on with the show."