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If you want to hire the real deal, hire Quinn

WITH the demise of Bill Cullen's business empire, TV3 are looking for a new businessman to take charge of their Celebrity Apprentice series. And among the usual suspects, there are two more realistic, but strangely conflicting characters.

Former supermarket bosses Feargal Quinn, right, and Ben Dunne are both household names, both made fortunes running Superquinn and Dunnes Stores respectively, and both would seem to have business acumen in abundance.

But if you wanted the difference between their two characters illustrated, you need only consider that while Ben Dunne was on a hotel balcony in Miami, high on cocaine and in the company of a prostitute, Feargal was probably doing what he did best -- walking the aisles of Superquinn, chatting to customers, and discovering better ways to run his business.

As the man who practically brought customer service to Ireland, and who showed his savvy by selling the company he set up just before our economic meltdown set in, Feargal Quinn is not just the perfect contender to front The Apprentice.

He's the only contender.