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I'd love to team up with Kathryn again, says Jayo

Football legend Jason Sherlock says he would love to team up with Kathryn Thomas (inset) and relive his Rapid TV days.

Jason and Carlow native Kathryn presented the magazine sports show, which ran for three years.

"It was a great gig while it lasted," he told The Diary.

"The other presenter was Kathryn Thomas – I don't know whatever happened to her – kind of disappeared off the radar," he joked.

The GAA star says he thinks Ireland needs another show of its kind and, if the State broadcaster were to commission it, he would love to be at the helm.

"I would love to do another sports show – absolutely.

"And Ireland is such a nation obsessed with sport that there's definitely the appetite there."

But Jason reckons he wouldn't be the only sports star lining up.

"Ah, yeah, it would be great to do that. But I think there are a lot of good people around who would also like it."

While he's willing to pop up on our TV screens, Jason says he has no desire to nab Eoghan McDermott's backstage hosting gig on The Voice.

"I don't think I would do any of the backstage at The Voice.

"I don't really think that's my thing.

"I don't know if I'm cheeky enough for that sort of thing," he said.