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Ice, ice baby as Chris and Dawn reveal news by 'wetting' their baby's head

IRISH actor Chris O'Dowd has revealed that he and wife, novelist Dawn O'Porter, are expecting a baby.

The couple announced the happy news while completing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

After pouring a bucket of freezing cold water over his head to raise awareness and funds for motor neurone disease, the 34-year-old said: "I'd like to nominate Richard Ayoade, Graham Linehan and Baby O'Porter. So brave."

He then turned the camera to Dawn (35) who shrieked as she poured a small glass of ice cubes and water over her baby bump.

Shortly after Chris posted the footage, the TV presenter confirmed the happy news to fans over social media.

"Thought we'd better mention it, before I got O'Busted," she posted on Twitter.

The couple first met through mutual friends at the brunette's 30th birthday party in Los Angeles.

They tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2012 and fashionista Dawn has previously spoken about her annoyance at being asked the 'baby question' all the time.


"I think it's a really natural question to ask and I totally understand why people do," she said.

"But I get slightly shirty because Chris could do seven interviews on the trot and not get asked once about me or if we're going to have kids."

The writer recently fronted a Channel 4 mini-series on vintage clothing called This Old Thing where she aimed to highlight the throwaway culture of disposable fashion.

However, Dawn has recently discussed how she would be content if she never appeared on television again as long as she could continue to write.

Earlier this year O'Porter released her second novel GOOSE, a follow up to her successful debut Paper Aeroplanes which chronicled the lives of best friends Renee and Flo growing up.