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'I wouldn't do TV dance show in a million years,' says Kian


Kian Egan won’t be joining pal Nicky Byrne

Kian Egan won’t be joining pal Nicky Byrne

Kian Egan won’t be joining pal Nicky Byrne

Kian Egan has no interest in participating in Dancing With The Stars and turned down show boss Larry Bass when he came calling last year.

While Kian's Westlife band-mate Nicky Byrne is the host of the show and competed on the UK's Strictly Come Dancing in 2012, Kian won't be following in his footsteps anytime soon.

Asked if he will ever strut his stuff on the dance floor, he replied: "Not in a million years."

"Larry Bass rang me up last year and asked me if I was interested," he said.

"I said, 'Larry, you'd have to sell your house and everything else that you own to even get me to think about it'."

The father-of-three (38) explained that the extravagant nature of the show, where contestants often don eye-catching outfits, is not for him.

"I'm not into it. I'm not into all the sequins and the fluff and this and that. It's not my scene at all," he told the Herald.


While Kian might not be interested, the series will likely attract several celebrities next year following the success of the first two series.

The first series was won by GAA star Aidan O'Mahony while Liverpool singer Jake Carter won the glitter-ball trophy this year.

Although he might not be learning ballroom dancing anytime soon, Kian, who was previously a judge on The Voice Of Ireland, told how he would be open to returning to the judging seat again.

The singer was one of only two judges, the other being The Blizzards frontman Bressie, who served on the panel for all five series.

"I enjoyed doing The Voice, that was quite good fun," he said.

"I think if the right show came along and I felt like it was something I was into [I'd do it].

"I was quite passionate on The Voice. I would definitely be up for something like that."

However, the show would have to be something he is familiar with.

"You wouldn't catch me on a dancing show judging because I don't know anything about that. But if it was something that I was legit about, then yeah, absolutely," he said.

Kian is enjoying a more relaxed life these days with his wife, former Hollyoaks actress Jodi Albert, and their children Koa (6), Zekey (3) and nine-month-old Cobi in Co Sligo.

Westlife called it quits in 2012, and while Kian told how he missed the performing aspect of the job, he doesn't pine for his days on the road when he would be away from home for lengthy periods of time.

"I don't miss the travelling and the politics that is involved. It's a very stressful world to be honest," he said.