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I would go back to TV3 ... there was no bad blood, says Lorraine


Lorraine Keane

Lorraine Keane

Lorraine Keane

FORMER TV3 star Lorraine Keane is looking forward to returning to full-time TV work and believes her former station would welcome her back with open arms.

The ex-Xpose presenter is reported to be making a return to the small screen later this year as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

The celebrity version of the show, starring MCD director Caroline Downey, is made by independent production company ShinAwil and TV3 has no part in choosing the cast for shows produced by independent operators.

While station insiders have dismissed reports that her TV3 comeback is imminent, the 40-year-old mum of two says there was never any bad blood between her and her former employer.

"There was never any animosity and I left on hugely brilliant terms," Lorraine told the Herald.



"I would still see my ex-boss Andrew (hanlon) and CEO Dave McRedmond quite regularly and I see all the Xpose girls socially. We're still really close," she added.

Lorraine's departure from the station in 2009 was quickly followed by a tell-all-book, Working the Red Carpet, in which she wrote about her time at TV3 and her encounters with celebrities.

The book was slammed at the time by then station boss Ben Frow, who vowed that he would never work with her again. However Lorraine says this was later cleared up. "Ben had raised his concerns about the book because he didn't know me and we'd never worked together," explained the presenter, who is married to music producer Peter Devlin.

"Anybody that knows me in the business knows that I'm not nasty, I've never done anything like that.

"So when the book did come out, Ben did apologise for his comments. It was never an expose about TV3."

Lorraine says that the decision to leave full-time presenting was in order to spend more time with her daughters, Emelia and Romy.

"I got not one, but four bouquets of flowers from the news room. It was a hugely difficult decision for me. I was leaving my family of 11 years, but I needed to spend more time with my real life family because the girls were only two and five at the time."

Now, aged six and nine, Lorraine says she is hoping to get her teeth into her first full- time project later this year and she is open to offers from all stations, including TV3.

"I'm looking at doing something for the autumn schedule just because I felt at the beginning of the year that I had an itch to get back and do something in the media.

"I've been very lucky to have almost four years working part-time so I think now might be the time to go back."