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I won't rush back to work after Baby No 2, says Sarah


Sarah McGovern Photo: Brian McEvoy

Sarah McGovern Photo: Brian McEvoy

Sarah McGovern Photo: Brian McEvoy

IT will be a bumpy Christmas for top model Sarah McGovern, who will give birth to a bouncing baby in January.

Sarah revealed on Friday that she is expecting her second child with businessman husband Kenny Vaughan.

The Andrea Roche model hit the headlines during her first pregnancy when she returned to work four weeks after having baby Jude, now 23 months.

Sarah defended her decision at the time, arguing that she needed to make a living and that Irish models don't earn 'super-model rates'.

But the 33-year-old says such a fast recovery is unlikely this time around, because her bump is growing so quickly.

"I had my 12-week scan on Friday and all is well, but I am already starting to show," a delighted Sarah said.

"When I was having Jude, I didn't start to pop out until 20 weeks, so I got a lot more modelling work out of it."

Sarah says she felt really good while expecting Jude and would love to continue to work, bump permitting.

"I should be fine for the next two weeks in terms of modelling, but I would love to get a bit more out of it. If maternity modelling comes up, then great.

"I would love to go back to modelling after giving birth. I am obviously getting older now, but Andrea [Roche] thinks it would be no bother for me."

Sarah was surprised at the growth rate of her bump and was worried that it would put off clients, but she has received nothing but support.

"I couldn't have hidden it for long, so over the past few weeks I have had to tell Andrea and some of my clients, but they have all been really good and nobody has cancelled.



"Usually you get away with a size eight or 10, but they just got bigger sizes."

"Maternity modelling is infrequent, but it is nice to be able to do that as well, so I will be kept busy."

When she has to pack in the modelling work, Sarah has other ventures that she can continue up until the post-Christmas birth, such as her jewellery business which is doing well.

The excited mum is also looking forward to adding to her expanding family, although she thinks a New Year's baby is out of the question.

"We're thrilled and delighted that we're going to have a little brother or sister for Jude," Sarah said. "I am due on January 3, but I went on late with Jude and usually it is the same the second time around, so I don't expect to have him or her until later in January.

"It's not a great birthday for a child to have so close to Christmas, but as Kenny says, any day is good for a birthday and we are just thrilled," added Sarah.