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I will be cringing as I watch myself pose on TV, says Holly

SHE'S about to strut her stuff like there's no tomorrow on hit TV show Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model.

But for Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter says she'll be cringing behind her hands when it airs.

"I'm really excited to see the show but I always cringe when I see myself on camera – I think everyone does," she told The Diary.

"I think you're always surprised to hear the sound of your voice."

Holly says she is apprehensive about seeing what made it into the final cut and what shots were left on the editing room floor.

"I'm excited but I also feel really nervous," she explained.

"We were in the house for weeks and weeks – so you never know what's going to make it into the show and what's not. You do worry how you'll look in it."

And with 14 highly strung models crammed into one house and sharing two bathrooms – there was plenty of bitching going on.


"There were dozens of girls in one house so things got pretty intense and there was lots of fighting but lots of fun too – it was fairly intense. Mad but a lot of fun," the 21-year-old laughed.

Despite cringing, Holly says she has been bitten by the TV bug and intends to pursue a career in that field.

"I want to do more and more TV work now," she said. "I've been looking at TV presenting courses over in London and am thinking of taking one of them.

"It's a tough industry but I enjoyed being on the BINTM so much and think doing a course would really help my chances in that industry," she added.

But Holly has no plans to make a permanent move to London just yet.

"I would love to do more work in London but I'm in no rush to live over there.

"It's a lot faster paced than Dublin. I'd prefer going over for a few jobs and coming home," she said.

"I've seen so many girls like Hannah Devane go over and take the tube on their own and I think that's really brave.


"It's a great city and I have lots of family over there, but like I said, I'm in no hurry."

The former Miss Ireland is about to jet set off on a family holiday with her rugby hero boyfriend Cian Healy.

Cian (25) returned early from the Lions rugby tour after injuring his ankle.

"We're all going over to Egypt to celebrate my dad's 50th. Cian says he's going to figure out how to watch the TV show on my laptop so we will all be up to speed with what's going on," she explained.

"It's going to be roasting over there.

"I have just come back from Ios in Greece and gave my mum my suitcase and said 'I need all this cleaned'," she laughed.