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I try my MasterChef dishes on the children, says Yvonne

YVONNE Keating has revealed how she is preparing for her upcoming appearance on RTE MasterChef by trying out new dishes on her children at home.

The mother-of-three was also picking up a few tips when she joined chef Catherine Fulvio for a cookery demonstration on the Quality Kitchen stage at the Bloom Festival yesterday.

"My daughters Missy and Ali are thrilled I'm on MasterChef," Yvonne told the Herald.

"The two girls are very interested in cooking and are probably more talented than me with food.

" We are practising a lot in the kitchen for MasterChef so there's a lot action in our house right now," said Yvonne Keating who is a Quality Mark ambassador.



Asked if she struggled to prepare healthy food for her brood while travelling and being a mum, she said no.

"The kids are in school so they are into a routine. I usually cook a pot casserole and in between the comings and goings they can heat it up and himself themselves," she said

Yvonne, who split from former husband Ronan two years ago, took on the new TV challenge having finished project managing the build and interior design of her family home.

Mother to Jack, Missy and Ali, Yvonne travelled the globe with Ronan and put her personal career on hold but now she is back to make a bid for the MasterChef crown.

Yvonne Keating joins sports presenter Tracy Piggott and broadcaster Maia Dunphy on the first celebrity series of the show.

The three women will face competition from Apres Match star Gary Cooke, RTE newscaster Aengus MacGrianna and journalist Conor Pope.

Former Mr World Kamal Ibrahim and athlete David Gillick are among the contestants.



The celebs face a series of nerve-racking challenges set by Michelin-starred chef Dylan McGrath and top restaurateur Nick Munier for the first celebrity series of the RTE show.

Dylan (36) says it takes guts to don the signature white and orange MasterChef aprons.

"We have such a broad selection of celebrities who are professionals in their own right using their love of food and their competitive passion to win, which I think will make for a great competition," he said.

"I am really interested to see who breaks away from the pack and takes the first ever title of Celebrity MasterChef."

Nick Munier, who co-owns Pichet restaurant, said that they are looking for something special from the line-out.

"I'm hoping to see passion, skill, common sense and a good-humoured chef," he said.