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I pretended dad was a doctor - Bono's girl


Actress Eve Hewson. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Eve Hewson. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Eve Hewson. Photo: Getty Images

BONO's daughter Eve Hewson has revealed how she pretended her dad was a doctor when she was growing up.

The up-and-coming star who has already acted alongside the late James Gandolfini is also on the cusp of becoming a household name as she stars in Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh's new TV series The Knick.

Eve (22) said that she wanted to avoid "conversation" about her famous father.

"In school, whenever we had to write those letters where you say, 'Hi, my name's Eve and my dad does this. . .' I always used to lie and say that my dad was a doctor. It just saves conversation. People always find out eventually," the actress said.


Eve has already starred in big movies but with minor parts.

The Knick is thought to be her big break as it will be broadcast throughout America by Cinemax, the sister company of HBO which broadcast the likes of Sex and the City and Girls.

It's based on New York's Knickerbocker Hospital and sees Bono's daughter dress up in period clothes as she stars alongside Clive Owen.

New York is where Eve first cut her teeth acting, moving there after school to study at the New York Film Academy but her parents weren't always happy with her career choice.

"For a young female, especially, it's excruciating. The rejection is awful, the competition is terrifying and you're constantly up and down," she said. "My parents knew that, because they know actors and they know that world, so when I decided this was what I wanted to do, they were like 'no, no, no, please no!' I had to really fight for it."


When Bono and Ali eventually came around to her idea cash wasn't thrown at her either.

Last year, the actress teamed up with Meg Ryan and Denis Quaid's son Jack Quaid to raise funds to make a movie together.

The pair aim to get €5,145 for their dark comedy '#Roadies'.

The coming-of-age film sees four friends take on four cities in a van after graduation as they transition into adulthood.

The cast are trading tweets, thank you cards, tickets to the film's premiere and movie credits for anyone who donates.

"We are the new generation of filmmakers. We are young. We are passionate," said Ms Hewson. "And we are ready to make a difference in the world of cinema."