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'I love working here but I won't be moving home', says Caroline Morahan


Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan spends her time jetting between her hometown of Dublin and her new life in LA, but admits she has no plans to move home any time soon.

The brunette beauty has been in Dublin a lot over the past few months between appearing in She Stoops to Conquer at the Abbey Theatre and presenting the IFTA awards on Sunday night.

"Right now, I am happy where we live and I'm happy coming home for projects," she told the Diary.

"I hope that there'll be more things bringing me home to work but that's the actor's life of being quite nomadic and going wherever the work is.

"But certainly I love working at home in Ireland, there's a very different vibe to anywhere else in the world," she added.

While she loves her lifestyle in LA, Caroline said it's a very different scene to Dublin and she had to promote herself a lot more.

"In LA there are red carpet parties where there are lots of people doing interviews and you don't know who they are," she said.

"Publicity is a big part of being an actor in LA - there's a lot of spin-doctoring going on.


"It's not the Irish way to go: 'Hi I'm Caroline and this is what I do'.

"But that's the way people communicate over there so I have had to try and be a bit more ballsy, stick my hand out and meet people," she continued.

"It's a city that requires an awful lot more energy than Ireland. Here, I have been very lucky since I started my career as people just come to me but over there you have to push for every opportunity.

"You need to be on the case over there whereas here things happen more naturally," she added.

Caroline recently filmed a comedy for TG4, which she says will be out later this year.

"I was back home to shoot a TV series for TG4, which will be out in the autumn. It's a comedy starring Sean McGinley called Fir Bolg," she said.

"Sean plays one of the lead musicians in a Celtic rock band who broke up years ago - he was the singer who then became famous and my character married him at the height of his career, and she's 20 years younger than him.

"We've had an absolute blast filming in Galway and Dublin over the past few weeks.

"There will be cameos from Liam Cunningham, Brendan Grace and Stephen Rea," Caroline added.