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I love working but I will never chase fame, says Love/Hate star Mary

SHE is enjoying success in one of the biggest dramas to ever come out of Ireland and has just landed a part opposite the Hollywood heart-throb Josh Hartnett on the TV series Penny Dreadful.

But Love/Hate actress Mary Murray has insisted she'll never be one to "chase fame".

"I just work from job to job and love what I do, be that a lot of theatre overseas and the odd job on TV and film, but fame is another thing altogether," Mary told the Diary.

"I'm not searching for that at all, I just want to work."

The Ballyfermot native, who has been acting on stage and screen for years, also revealed that she was thrilled to get the part on Penny Dreadful, which will be shown in the US later this year.

She said that one of the main attractions was the chance to work with the Gladiator and Skyfall writer John Logan.

"I've been lucky, though, that I've been constantly busy," she added. "I'm really happy about this job. It's very exciting."

Mary is due to film her Penny Dreadful scenes, which include a murder, over the next few weeks.

The show features a host of gothic literary figures such as Frankenstein's monster and Dorian Gray.

The actress will be on the set for two days and will be kitted out from head-to-toe in period costume with the cast as they shoot the horror series, set in Victorian England.

The 34-year-old is also due to get back into production for the next season of Love/Hate.



Mary, who plays brothel owner Janet in RTE's gangland phenomenon, told the Diary that playing Nidge's mistress had made for an interesting journey.

"She's so much fun to play; she has her own fight and place in the world," the actress added.

"Although she's the love interest of Nidge, there's more to her, and I think so too. We'll see what comes next out of Stuart Carolan's head – none of us have any idea.

"But working on the show is fantastic. It's a very talented cast and crew and a great series to be part of."