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I love La La land but I'm still a home bird at heart, says Nadia

SO MUCH for the LA Lifestyle. It's early mornings, 14-hour days, a barely-there social life and daunting stage performances for model Nadia Forde.

The 24-year-old has just returned from the City Of Angels where she is busy filming a new reality TV series for a UK broadcaster.

And Nadia says she finds being away from her friends and family a challenge.

"It's very tough being away from the people you love. When you're away it can get lonely," she says.

"I'm missing my friends a lot and the time difference makes it hard to stay in contact. Skype is great but it's not the same as seeing someone face-to-face."

The show is rumoured to follow a group of girls as they try to make it Stateside. Nadia was remaining tight- lipped about the precise format but she did admit the show's producers are trying to help her overcome her stage fright.

They have asked her to try to make it as a pop princess. "I had to record music for the show. I love acting and messing on cameras but I find singing a lot more daunting," she said.

"They (the producers) know that so they are trying to pull that out of me – they know I find it a challenge and it makes for interesting TV."

Nadia says she will explore different genres of music, adding: "I don't know if I would be a country singer or a rocker but I have been testing out different sounds."

The Clontarf native is back in Dublin for several weeks but will jet set back to LA before the summer is out.

"I go back out in a couple of weeks. I love the LA lifestyle. I love travelling but I am a home bird and think I will always settle in Dublin."

Despite being surrounded by buff LA men, Nadia says she's staying single.

"I am very much single. I don't have time to date. I am open to a relationship but I'm not desperately pursuing it – I don't have an online profile or anything like that," she laughed.