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I live in capital ...but Kerry is always on my mind - Daithi

YOU can take a man out of Kerry...but there's no way you can turn him Blue.

Presenter Daithi O Se is standing firmly behind his beloved county this weekend -- and says he has no divided loyalties towards the Blues. Although he's now a resident in Dublin, TV personality Daithi has said there is no chance of him sitting on the fence ahead of this Sunday's All-Ireland final.

"Without a doubt I'll be cheering for Kerry, there's no question of it whatsoever," the RTE host told the Herald.

"I've been living permanently in Dublin for one year, but Kerry is always on my mind."


Daithi insists he loves living in the capital, but the Corca Dhuibhne man has been getting some slagging from friends and colleagues over the title decider -- a first for Dublin in 16 years. "The banter is good craic, but it'll be hard if Kerry lose."

While the 34-year-old is confident the winners will be in yellow and green, Daithi revealed that his plans for post-match celebrations were called to a halt, due to his hectic schedule.

"We're rehearsing for the Daily Show all week -- so it'll be sparkling water and orange juice for me I'm afraid," he said. "I tried to push the days back, but had no luck."

The Rose Of Tralee host is also eager to line up support from his Daily Show co-host Claire Byrne: "I'm hoping Claire will be shouting for Kerry -- she's a Laois girl, so she's neutral."

A keen follower of Kerry football, Daithi has already snapped up his tickets for Croker and will be shouting from the stands with his future brother-in-law Micky Jo.

"Myself and my fiance Rita's brother are going -- he's only over in Ireland for a few days to run a marathon, so I'm looking forward to taking him along."

The former TG4 weatherman -- who played alongside Kerry hero Paidi O Se at his club An Ghaeltacht growing up -- has been sending some well-wishing words for his pal players on the county team: "I'm really excited and hope the lads play well -- especially the O Ses -- Tomas and Mark -- and Paul Galvin, they're great."