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I don't believe in God but I don't fight with my Catholic in-laws, reveals Dawn O'Porter


Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O'Porter

Dawn O'Porter

She might not believe in God, but Dawn O'Porter has no issues when it comes to her "Catholic in-laws".

The presenter, who is married to Roscommon actor Chris O'Dowd, has revealed that despite her own atheist beliefs, she hates it when people challenge people's religious stance.

"There are a lot of religious people in my life, such as my Catholic in-laws and my dear friend Carrie, who is a Christian," she wrote in Glamour magazine.

"Despite my own strong feelings against religion, the idea of anyone challenging them at a dinner party makes me so angry."

Dawn (pictured), who gave birth to baby son Art earlier this year, has been rushed off her feet lately after opening her new pop-up store in London last week.

Bob By Dawn O'Porter opened its doors with the help of some of the broadcaster's celebrity friends, including Irish model and DJ Vogue Williams.

Actress and writer Amy Huberman is also a big fan of Dawn's designs and recently tweeted a picture of herself wearing the label.