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I didn't get to watch the Brits – after slagging celebs, we had to leg it

WHAT a mental week. We started filming non-stop for the Republic of Telly which has been hectic, but it allowed me to attend the Brit Awards on Wednesday.

I left my co-stars Dermot Whelan and Bernard O'Shea at home and flew over with our production crew. I was working on the red carpet so it was just about grabbing celebs and hurling abuse at them.

But it all went well. I think celebrities get bored of answering the same questions so they like having the banter with us.



It was nice to see the difference in acts and how much they have grown, especially One Direction.

Little Mix looked amazing, they're so grown up now and X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson is so beautiful in the flesh, it would make you sick.

We didn't get near One Direction because they arrived late, but I was really impressed with Ed Sheeran. He's so famous now and is big in America but he's just as nice as ever. Even after the year's he had, he talked to every single journalist.

A-list celebs like Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift didn't walk the red carpet – sure they don't need to, they're way beyond that. And I didn't get to catch up with any of the Irish contingent over there like Laura Whitmore.

I didn't go in and watch the awards because the way we work is just to get in, get what we need and then leg it.



The nature of what we do with our sketches means that we don't want to hang out for too long afterwards and take the p***.

So we run out before we're thrown out. But all in all it was really good fun. There were no bad reactions to our interviews and thankfully we didn't get a punch from anyone.

We flew back to Dublin at 6am on Wednesday morning so we couldn't go out afterwards. But that was probably a good thing as we went out the night before so that will do me for a few days.

We flew over on Tuesday afternoon and then headed to a nightclub called Whiskey Mist in London. I had heard really good things about it, but it's over priced for what it is actually.

I had a lovely dress organised to wear and was getting my hair done that night, but when I woke up with a hangover I decided against it and went to the Brits in my jeans and runners.

You wouldn't think there was a recession the way people were spending over there, but we did have a blast.