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I didn't get the fuss when Domhnall landed Star Wars gig, admits Brendan

Actor Brendan Gleeson has confessed he didn't really understand the hype when son Domhnall was cast in the new Star Wars movie.

The proud dad said that he was gobsmacked by the reaction to his son's big break.

"It's brilliant that he's in it and I'm dying to see the film now," he told the Herald.

"I was never a big Star Wars head so I was quite surprised by the reaction to Domhnall being cast."

The Malahide native was at The Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield last night for the premiere of The Grand Seduction.

The gentle comedy tells the story of the residents of a Newfoundland fishing harbour who try to lure big-city doctor Paul Lewis to become their physician so that a factory will open to create local jobs.

The IFTA award-winning actor plays the part of Murray, an unemployed fisherman spearheading the town's campaign, with Taylor Kitsch playing the hot-shot doctor.

"Working in Newfoundland really attracted me to the film. I love the landscape and scenery and the accent is incredible so I couldn't wait to get on board," he said.

"The accent was something I really wanted to get right and there are about 160 different accents in Newfoundland so I had plenty to choose from."

Gleeson feels there's an untapped connection between Ireland and Newfoundland saying: "I had heard a few Irish musicians going over there and talking about how incredible it was and how you suddenly felt like you'd come across a bunch of long-lost cousins so I was always interested in that connection."

He also insists that he's ignoring any "Oscar buzz", despite having been tipped for his role in parochial drama Calvary.

Gleeson received much praise from US critics when it was released Stateside.

"I think the practical and sensible thing to do would be ignore any talk or thoughts of Oscars," he told the Herald.

"We've got the critics on board lets hope the audience also like it."

Gleeson will next appear in Suffragette starring Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan.