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'I can't say no to big characters', says Aisling O'Sullivan


Aisling O'Sullivan

Aisling O'Sullivan

Aisling O'Sullivan

She's best known for playing the leading lady in TV dramas such as The Clinic and Raw, but now Aisling O'Sullivan is making her mark on the stage.

The Kerry star (below)has swapped the small screen for theatre in recent years but, while she's happy with the move, she's now eyeing up a screen return.

"I've kind of veered back into theatre for a while and I've done little bits in films here and there, but these big characters keeps coming to me and I can't say no to them," she told the Herald.

"At the moment I'm happy, but maybe next year [she'll do more screen work]."

For now, the actress looks set to reprise her role as the lead in John B Keane's Big Maggie, which will return to the Gaiety Theatre next year, having first played Maggie in the 2011 production.

"I've never revisited a role before and I'm looking forward to this because I'm getting an opportunity to look at it from a slightly older perspective," she said at the launch of the show.