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I can’t find a man – Cici

FADE STREET star Cici Cavanagh has revealed that being on the RTE reality show makes finding the perfect man a lot tougher.

The Palmerstown native has just started filming the second series of Fade Street and she says finding a man is really difficult.

“I think it would be very hard for somebody to accept the fact that the relationship is going to be talked about. I don't think that's fair on them,” she explained.

“The thing is you can't audition a boyfriend who you are going to be mad about, who wants to be on a television show. At the same time, someone who says they really want to be on Fade Street, I'd have to wonder if they have ulterior motives.”

Cici (21) says she and co-star Louise Johnston are finding it hard to find the right guy.

“We're kind of like the Bridget Jones of Fade Street,” she joked. “But we've both said that we don't want to have a boyfriend just for the sake of it. I don't think me and Louise would have any problem trying to fill those positions.”