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I cannot wait to hit that snooze button, laughs host Keelin

MORNING Edition host Keelin Shanley is counting down the days until the current affairs series wraps for the summer.

The mum-of-two says she cannot wait to set the alarm clock to snooze and catch up on her beauty sleep.

"I am normally in bed at 9.30pm at night because I have to get up around 5am. So I'm looking forward to not having the early starts. Believe me; I have a very tired team looking forward to a break," she told The Diary.

Keelin says her husband Conor Ferguson will be delighted she can enjoy a few late nights.

"I've never had to get up this early for work before – it's great for the kids but it's not great for the husband because he's staying up on his own at night."

Keelin and Conor will get a taste of La Dolce Vita later this summer when they fly off to Italy for some sunshine and fine wine.

"We're going to see our friend in Italy for a week and are looking forward to that," she said.

"We will also be heading to Mayo for a couple of weeks at the beginning of July."