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I believe The Voice will be much better than X Factor

FUNNILY enough, I haven't even seen Kathryn Thomas since we launched The Voice together, says Eoghan McDermott. I've told her already that we need to meet up for a pint in the next few weeks and catch up about everything.

We never did a screen test together, so I don't know what the chemistry will be like between us but hopefully we will just click when the cameras start rolling.

I honestly don't know if we'll be sharing the screen too much, really.

Kathryn will be at all the auditions when the contestants face the judges and she will host the show in the studio out in RTE, while I'll be mainly based backstage.

We're already travelling all around the country filming the first scenes and I'm definitely feeling nervous about the live shows.

Being on the road with one or two cameras is one thing, but being in the studio with 10 or 12 different camera angles will be a whole different world.

There has been a big media buzz surrounding the show and I'm not used to being in the limelight.

I'm brand new to the whole media scene and it doesn't always run smoothly, as I discovered in recent days.

I've had things written about me with regards to comments I've made on Twitter but I've cleared that up and I'm moving on.

Anyway, I won't be following in the footsteps of Ryan Tubridy and cancelling my Twitter account anytime soon.

I had to take a week's holiday from my presenting job on London's Xfm this week so that I could film the first few scenes of The Voice.

Kathryn will be the main host; I'm more behind the scenes, similar to how Dermot O'Leary acts during the audition phase of the X Factor.

I'm there to talk to contestants, meet their families, be with them back stage, have a bit of fun and just get to know everyone.

This week I have been in all areas of Dublin, Limerick, the north and west filming scenes with up-and-coming contestants.

I've been heading to the singers' home towns to get some background on them.

Obviously the auditions are blind in the show, none of the judges will get to see the contestants but at the moment, everyone is auditioning for the producers.

So, right now they are looking for people with great talent and personality.


The only thing is just because they have got through this round doesn't mean they will do well in front of the judges. The line-up of the judges was announced this week and even I had been kept in the dark about who would be coaching the talent.

I knew Bressie had landed the gig, we are good friends and he told me in confidence a few weeks ago but I didn't know about the rest.

The producers of the show live in Holland, but they still get the final say. They were over the moon with the line-up.

The Corrs and Westlife are international bands, so to have Kian Egan and Sharon Corr on the panel was a perfect fit.

Bressie brings something new to these kind of shows and Brian Kennedy represents the older generation, plus he's an amazing singer.

All of the judges will have to perform on stage with their groups and there will be a few ensemble numbers, it will be gas to see those four perform together.

We start filming the live shows in January.

Thankfully, I won't have to take off any more time from my job at Xfm because all the shows are on at the weekend. I'll do my normal radio show during the week and then fly to Ireland every weekend. It's going to be a very hectic few months but it's more than worth it.

I really think that this competition is going to be huge. I hope we can find a star.

You can see how much talent Janet Devlin has on the X Factor, she is out of this world and is getting so much support...could you imagine if someone like her walked in to the auditions?


I know there is great talent in this country. You only have to look at Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud and Una Healy from The Saturdays to see that people in Ireland have star quality.

Personally, I believe the system on The Voice will work better than the X Factor.

The judges are involved to some extent on the X Factor, but they have more mentors behind the scenes.

Most of the judges aren't with their acts all the time.

With The Voice there will be a lot more contact between the groups and their mentor, the judges really have to knuckle down and I think that will make the contestants stronger.

At the end of the day, the winner will walk away with a recording contract with Universal and a guaranteed album, that's the biggest prize an Irish talent show has ever given away, it will change someone's life.


It's been brilliant being home for a full week, despite it being really manic. I actually haven't been home for a full week since I made the big move to London, which was last March, so I squished in some time with my family and friends.

This weekend I'm hoping to catch up with my pal Bressie for a pint.

Then it's back to London on Sunday to start a busy week all over again.