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How they got to the Oscars

"Eric Beckman runs the New York children's film festival and he was very interested in distributing the film in the US.

They picked it up on the condition they would give it an Oscar qualification run, three days before the application had to get in. Basically, you have to screen it at least for a week in Los Angeles. People were telling us that it was very unlikely we'd get a nomination because usually a film has to get a wider release.

"There was such a love of the film in the animation community that we had a full house every night. A real guerrilla campaign championed the film and made sure the animation community could see it. So we spent zero on marketing and still got enough Academy members in to give us a nod."

Inside at the Oscar lunch

"All the nominees can bring a guest, and Tomm brought me because I was over there at the time. They invite all the nominees for lunch, and for the 'class photo' as they call it. And they give everyone their certificate of nomination -- they call everyone up, which was really nice. I didn't expect that.

"Tomm got a great spot in the photo, he was standing right in front of Jeff Bridges. We were sitting with Sandra Bullock -- she was sitting right beside me! They mix everyone around; they put celebrities in with sound mixers, so there's no hierarchy of tables or anything like that."