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Housewives stars form Team Lisa as they rally round after her split from fiance Gerald

THE stars of Dublin Housewives have formed "Team Lisa Murphy" following the star's split from fiance Gerald Keane.

The four ladies are rallying around their glamorous pal with sympathy and chardonnay, the Herald can reveal.

They have formed 'Team Lisa Murphy' and will do whatever it takes to bolster her spirits.

Lisa moved in with co-star Jo Jordan immediately after the split.

A stream of visitors have been calling on the socialite since the news went public.

This weekend Virginia Macari tweeted that she was en route to Jo's house to support 'Team Lisa'. "I'll be over later with the wine," she wrote. "Team L.M."

Jo explained: "The split had been coming for a while. Lisa has been living with me for the past three weeks."

Virginia and pal Roz Flanagan, who set off to New York this weekend to visit her daughter, have been spending a lot of time with Jo and Lisa. In fact, the girls seem to be having a bit of Dublin Housewives 'love-in'.

"Thank you for hosting another gorgeous evening," Virginia tweeted last week after a night at Jo and Lisa's single ladies pad.

And Jo, or Jojo as she's known, was quick to return the praise, thanking Virginia for providing the night's entertainment.

"I love you so much," she gushed. "Thanks for all the fun. You're only the best."

Lisa and Gerald spilt after a three-year engagement and talks about broadcasting their wedding on the next series of Dublin Housewives.

The star was previously engaged to Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley and boxer Joe Egan. "I've been engaged three times," Lisa recently said. "But I've never tried on a wedding dress."

But Jo insists that the four girls are "sticking together like glue" and that Lisa helped her through her split with husband James.

"We're there to help each other -- this is what us housewives do."

The new TV3 series is due to return to our screens on December 10 with a proposal in Central Park, and lots more bitching and botox on the cards. But, alas, without a glamorous wedding.