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Homeless man Paul Taylor overcomes the odds to progress in The Voice


It was a feel-good evening on The Voice of Ireland last night as a homeless man made it through to the next round of the competition.

Galway man Paul Taylor (45) has been living in his car with his dogs since his relationship broke down. 

His rendition of David Gray’s This Year’s Love was good enough for Rachel to turn around and he became the final member of her team.

“It was so refreshing, it was a brilliant song choice for you,” Rachel said.

“You sang with emotion and feeling, so happy you are on my team.”

Paul revealed how much it meant to him to just make it to the Blind Audition stages let alone get through to the Battles.

“I have won it in my heart...I didn’t expect to be sitting here at all,” he said.

Also delighted to make it to the next stage was Wicklow native Rebecca Kelly (23) who suffers from macular degeneration, which has led to her having just 3pc vision and she needs the aid of a cane to walk. Last night she sang Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones and joined Kian’s team. When she finished her song she was unable to tell if anyone had turned for her.


“Just to let you know I have a visual impairment. I only have 3pc vision, I think someone turned but I’m not sure,” she said.

Kian responded saying, “I turned for you because you really did such a great job – we can’t sit here and ignore that you sang a song so well”.

As Kian helped her down the steps, he added. “The fact we can’t see the acts is another great thing about this show. I only picked the voice.”

The Blind Auditions have now finished with each judge having 14 members of their team and the Battle stages will commence next Sunday on RTE1 at 6.30pm.