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Home alone Brian finds inner blues


Brian McFadden. Photo: Getty

Brian McFadden. Photo: Getty

Brian McFadden. Photo: Getty

HIS other half, Vogue Williams, has spent the past few days sunning herself in Australia.

So no wonder Brian McFadden, inset, had the blues this weekend.

The former Westlife star joined the house band and former Voice Of Ireland contestant Andrew Mann at Lillie's Bordello on Saturday.

Brian knocked out a few classic tunes, including Ain't Nobody Like My Baby and Mustang Sally.

"It was great craic," an onlooker said.

"He clearly loves being the centre of attention and was buzzing off the band. I hadn't put him down as a blues singer, but he did quite well," the reveller added.

model Claudine Palmer and The Voice Of Ireland presenter Kathryn Thomas were also bopping along to the beat.

Since losing his job on Australia's Got Talent, Brian and Vogue have spent more time in the UK and Ireland. Vogue says the hustle and bustle of London get Brian's creative juices flowing. "Being in London is good for Brian's songwriting but we both love coming back home to Ireland," she said.

Meanwhile, in Grafton Lounge, Assets models boss Derek Daniels had reserved an entire section of the bar and the ladies, including Cara Spillane, Faye Rooney and Leah Duff, hit the dance floor.