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Holly's washed that man ... and extensions right out of her hair


Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter

Holly Carpenter with rugby star ex boyfriend Cian Healy.

Holly Carpenter with rugby star ex boyfriend Cian Healy.


Holly Carpenter

Model Holly Carpenter has revealed how she's loving single life right now.

The 22-year-old was in a relationship with Ireland rugby star Cian Healy for over two years.

But she's clearly in no rush to settle down again and is relishing being footloose and fancy-free.


Last month saw her celebrating being back on the market with a fun-filled trip to sunny Spain with best friend Jayne Higgins.

"Marbella was so much fun. It was so nice to get out of Dublin and just chill," she said.

"Being single's good craic. All my best friends, all the girls are single so when I ring them, it's not like, 'I'm with my boyfriend.' They're like, 'cool, let's do something."

The former Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model star recently ditched her hair extensions in order to give her lustrous locks a break.

And she admits that she's already missing her lengthy mane. "It feels so short!" she continued.

"The extensions didn't do any damage. My hair's still really thick but I just feel like I have no hair. Some girls get them topped up all the time but I like to give them a break now and then.

She jumped agencies to Assets over the summer and said she has been inundated with work ever since.

"September's a great month for modelling and I'm so busy. I've been back-to-back with jobs. It's going great," she said.

She joined fellow top model Martha Christie at this weekend's fundraising lunch for the Rape Crisis Centre in the Westin Hotel.