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Holly and Cian lead the charge as party goes on until 5am

CELEBRATIONS at the Mansion House wound down about 2am, but the night was far from over for the Leinster lads and their lovely ladies.

Most of the 500 guests hot-footed it to Dublin hotspot Krystle, where the official Leinster rugby party continued until the early hours of Sunday.

Top model Holly Carpenter and her rugby beau Cian Healy (right) were among the first people to leave for the celeb hang-out.

The VIP lounge was heaving as players and their model girlfriends threw some serious shapes on the dance floor.

While most of the players brought their other halves to the ball, newly single Fergus McFadden and Rob Kearney attended together.

Fergus posted a picture of the two of them in tuxedos with the caption "me and my plus one at the ball".

But Rob caught the attention of plenty of party-goers when he walked into Krystle. "All eyes were on him," an onlooker said.

Younger brother Dave and his model girlfriend Hayley Ryan were also in high spirits and partied away.

The two looked smitten as they chatted with Dave's team mate Ian Madigan.

Shots were downed and the dancing continued until 5am.

"Most didn't arrive until after 2.30am, so it was a late night, but everyone was in great form," the Diary was told.