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Herald readers' chance to star in Jedward panto

JEDWARD fans may get the chance to meet the famous twins this Sunday when the pop stars' Christmas panto starts open auditions with the Herald.

John and Edward Grimes will be starring in Jedward and The Beanstalk -- and the Herald is exclusively offering some lucky fans a chance to appear alongside them.

Aspiring performers aged seven to 18 can audition to star alongside the Lucan twins and Linda Martin this Sunday, from 9.30am at The Liffey Trust Studios.

All hopefuls must present an official Herald entry form available in today's paper.

The producer of Jedward's tour and the new panto, Stuart O'Connor, told the Herald the boys might be at the auditions "but nothing is guaranteed just yet.

"They are on the Late Late Show tonight and are flying to Estonia on Saturday for some promotional work as they look set to do a tour there in the coming months. But John and Edward are so excited about the panto.

"They have just come back from their tour in Germany and all they keep talking about is the panto. They love their fans and they have been talking to them about the panto on their Twitter," he said.

The show runs from December 21 until January 8 -- and Jedheads out there need to be prepared to work hard.

"People will definitely be put through their paces," said Stuart. "They will have to pick up a dance routine straight away, which they will then have to perform for myself and the other producers. They will then be sent into a separate studio for a singing piece.

"From that we will be recalling people for a second round of auditions which will happen in the next week or so," he explained.

And the producer added that if Jedward lovers don't get the chance to meet the twins this Sunday, they can watch a special performance of the duo tonight.

"Everyone can tune into the guys on the Late Late Show tonight. It's the first exclusive performance of their new single Wow Oh Wow which they are really excited about. They are going non stop at the moment," he said.

"The tour in Germany was just unbelievable for them. Their were fans outside their hotels all night. They are fully fledged stars now."