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Hector getting the axe? It's nonsense, says new 2fm boss


Hector O hEochogain

Hector O hEochogain

Hector O hEochogain

HECTOR O hEochagain has been assured his job at 2fm is safe.

The popular presenter got an early phone call from 2fm boss Dan Healy this morning to inform him he was not being axed from the station.

The RTE boss was reacting to media reports that popular host Hector was to be replaced in a radical shake-up at the radio station.

"Hector to be axed? You might as well have said Hector picked to play for Ireland by Roy Keane," Mr Healy said.

"This is nonsense. I personally rang Hector this morning to assure him that he was not being axed." Dan Healy told the Herald.

On a more serious note the senior RTE figure spoke of the effect reports like this have on Hector and other presenters.

"You have to think about the presenters and their families reading this and then hearing from friends and neighbours.

"It's absolutely horrendous for good guys doing their job well," he said.

The former CEO of 98fm, who took over 2fm earlier this year, said he was "exhausted" by a slew of inaccurate reports about talent being axed from 2fm.

"It's been Hector, Ryan (Tubridy), Larry (Gogan). Which DJ are they going to name as being axed from 2fm next?

"I've said continually we are going to work with what we have. We are absolutely making changes but no decision has been taken. "

In charge of the station for the past five months, Mr Healy told the Herald earlier this month, that a revamp of 2fm would not involve firing presenters.