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Heartbreak for Amy after she's dropped from new sitcom

AMY Huberman's American dream has turned into a Hollywood nightmare in a matter of hours. Brian O'Driscoll's other half was publicly celebrating her big break in the States when it emerged that while NBC wanted her sitcom, they didn't want her.

The mainstream station has commissioned Animal Kingdom -- a show that Amy filmed the pilot for. But they have renamed it Animal Practice and are looking for a new leading lady.

Amy (33) was initially thrilled that the programme had been green-lighted for 13 episodes yesterday.

Even BOD was caught off-guard with the confusing news that was unveiled in The Hollywood Reporter.

"Very proud of my wife Amy Huberman whose new show Animal Practice has been picked up by NBC stateside," he said online. "To LA." However, in a twist fit for a movie, Amy's plans to pack her bags and head for the bright lights of Hollywood were soon dashed. She was contacted by NBC bosses last night and told that while the pilot was being turned into a full series, she would not be in it.

Once she found out, she quickly quelled comments about her transatlantic trip.

"Thanks so much for all the lovely well wishes about the pilot guys. But I was only contracted for the pilot and I won't be doing the series," Amy said online. "Life of an actress."


Amy finished filming the pilot episode last month, but when the news broke yesterday afternoon, she was clearly excited at the prospect of returning to the US.

According to sources in LA, Huberman landed the role after her first ever US audition. The former Clinic star took up the lead female role on the new sitcom from NBC, which has huge potential -- the network is behind ratings smashes Friends, 30 Rock and Modern Family. And clearly producers were impressed with the show, which stars Weeds actor Justin Kirk in a 'House-like', grumpy role as a vet.

But unfortunately this was not to be Amy's big break. The pint-sized star is currently filming for a second series of Comedy Channel Threesome in the UK.

However, upbeat Amy knows that this is not the end for her burgeoning career -- dozens of actors who do pilots are not picked for the series.

Amy recently admitted that she would love to work in Hollywood, but was worried about the fear of failure.

"I don't have a grand master plan," she said. "I am too aware of the potential for disappointment."