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Having Shane to perform is a treat

I'M delighted we have Shane Filan (below) performing this year. Whoever does that has to have a real Irish connection, so Shane fits that perfectly.

There's nothing like walking out onto the stage and there are 2,000 people cheering you on and wishing you all the best.

It'll really lift the whole show too. Coming towards the end of the show on Tuesday, you're building up to the announcement, so that helps boost it and drive it forward.

We've had some fantastic people do it – Imelda May was the first and she's electric a real dynamo.


And last year The Coronas did it – if the Coronas performed at it and think it's a cool festival then it must because they're a very cool band.

People often ask me what my party trick would be if I was performing at the Rose.

I used to sing but I don't really do that any more. But I'm very good at touching my nose with my tongue so maybe that could be my party trick!