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Grey at 29? No, it's my shampoo – Sinead

RTE presenter Sinead Kennedy says her silver-coloured hair is down to her shampoo.

The 29-year-old's platinum locks looked a little silver at a recent event.

The Big Money Game host denied she dyed her locks grey – but said her choice of shampoo might be responsible for lending it a silver hue.

"I used a blue shampoo to cover the yellow tint that blonde hair can give you so I think that may have given my hair a more silvery/grey tinge," said the Cork native.

Sinead has experimented with different colours over the years, but she has settled for her trademark ice blonde look and says that it is here to stay. "I have been every colour except black – I've been red, pink, you name it, to the point where my boyfriend was like 'would you not just dye your hair black'. But I like it this colour, I have no plans to change it."

And Sinead, who fronts RTE show The Big Money Game with presenter Brian Ormond, says she couldn't care less about going grey.



And when the time does come, Sinead, who has been dating her navy captain boyfriend Conor Kirwan for the past eight years, says she will not use a bottle to hide her grey hair.

"I won't change my hair colour until I start to go grey naturally," explained Sinead.

"Then I will be glad not to have to dye it anymore. My aunt's hair turned this lovely silver, nearly white colour, so hopefully that happens to me.

"But really I couldn't care less, there are far more important things."

Sinead is in the middle of her run on The Big Money Game after a busy year working on RTE's children's channel Two Tube.

But she says that she doesn't miss the kids show too much as she still sees her colleagues in RTE every day.

"I am still working in RTE doing research mid-week and then it's great to be back on the game show.

"I get on great with Brian and we have a good laugh on air," she added.