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Grammy gatecrasher begs Adele to save him from jail

A UKRAINIAN man who was arrested after attempting to upstage Adele at the Grammy Awards has now asked the singer for help.

Vitalii Sediuk (24) says his appearance onstage at the Grammys was spontaneous.

The Ukrainian journalist spent hours in police custody before being released with a trespassing citation and a March 4 court date.

Sediuk briefly took the microphone on Sunday night before Adele accepted her award. He only got a few words out before Jennifer Lopez shooed him away.

"It was spontaneous," Sediuk said. "It was not planned of course." He said he did a few interviews before trying to follow Nicole Kidman into the show. Then he followed Katy Perry and sat near the stage, taking Adam Levine's seat.

He said he realises now that he may be banned from covering award shows, which would be problematic for a reporter who's already got a reputation for awkward celebrity encounters. Last year, Will Smith slapped him after he tried to kiss him on a red carpet, and presented Madonna with a bouquet of flowers she hated.

He said he hopes that Adele will help him out of this mess, saying: "Oh Adele. Help me not to go to jail."