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Got a celebrity hangout? Beware of putting U2 on your guest list

A SMALL piece of Dublin history will soon be lost for ever, as plans have been lodged with Dublin City Council to demolish the office block on South Frederick Street, of which famous night club Renards occupied the basement.

Though it closed back in 2009, Renards will always be remembered as the go-to spot for visiting celebrities during the 80s and 90s when, under the ownership of Robbie Fox (right), it was the hottest club in town.

It was regularly patronised by U2, with Robbie fondly recalling how Bono (left) and the boys once flew all the way from Switzerland just to get a last drink there, a story which raises an interesting point.

U2 started out in the Dandelion Market, now demolished. They rehearsed in Windmill Lane studios, now demolished, and they regularly played the Point Theatre, now demolished. All of which can only mean one thing.

U2's patronage is the kiss of death for your venue.