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Gigs Exhibitions

Kevin McAleer draiocht Disorientatingly smart Tyrone stand-up. 8pm, €18/€16, 01 885 2622

Fairport Convention whelan's Collective folk-rock nobility. 8pm, €22, 01 478 0766

Keith Mullins whelan's upstairs Skiffle-loaded alt-country from a local chap. 8pm, €1, 01 478 0766

Paul van Dyk tripod The superstar DJ other superstar DJs call the superstar DJ. 11pm, €25, 01 476 3374 n saturday 13th

(hed)pe the academy 2 Stoner thrash rap from California. Where else? 7pm, €15.50, 01 877 9999

Passion Pit olympia Boston's good-time electro-pop rockets. 7.30pm, €21, 0818 719300

Retribution Gospel Choir whelan's Psychedelic guitar rock. 8pm, €15, 01 478 0766

Richmond Fontaine whelan's upstairs Alt-country troubadours share tales of love and the lonely road. 7.30pm & 10pm, €19, 01 478 0766

Diet of Worms the button factory Comedy sketch troupe. 7.30pm, €14, 01 670 9202

Souls of Mischief the good bits, store street Oakland alt hip-hop sub-unit of the cranking Hieroglyphics collective. 8pm, €15, 01 819 7635

The Avett Brothers crawdaddy Fraternal folk-rock harmonisers. 8pm, €14, 01 476 3374

OSTR the village Free-form Polish rap star. 7pm, €25, 01 475 8555

The Candides bewley's theatre Dutch-Irish pop duet. 8pm, €10, 087 989 2994 n monday 15th

Teenline Variety Show olympia Variety fundraiser for this great youth phone-support service, with Don Baker, Brendan O'Carroll and Eoghan Quigg lending a hand. 7pm, €20, 0818 719300

David Celia & Stuart Agnew whelan's upstairs Poignant pair of roots folkmen. 8pm, €10, 01 478 0766

Lucio Aquilina alt (andrews lane theatre) Italian Factory party with white-hot minimal techno. 8pm, €17.45, 01 679 5720 n wednesday 17th

Kila olympia Celtic wonders blast-off for the pinnacle of Paddy's Day. 7.30pm, €31, 0818 719 300

Yes Festival epicentre east point Three banging dance areas with the likes of Matador, Giles Armstrong and Arveene. Noon, €25, www.yesfestival.net

Cesar Millan the o2 The celebrity dog whisperer dispenses what must surely be some valuable, prime grade-A canine advice at these prices. 6.30pm, €105.25/€43.70, 01 819 8888

A Celebration of Irish Voices national concert hall Irish choral double-header for Paddy's night, featuring choirs, Cór Taobh A' Leithéid and Cór Cúl Aodh. 8pm, €35/€18, 01 417 0000

Paddy's Day Tea Party the cobblestone Perfect spot to check out some roots music post-parade with the kids. 4pm, €4/€2, 01 872 1799

Blasphemy spy Heaving St Paddy's Day electropunk party. 11pm, €7, 01 677 0014 Theatre

Philadelphia Here I Come gaiety theatre Noel Pearson's new production of Friel's classic on emigration looks for new relevance in post-boom Ireland. Mon-Fri, 7.30pm; Saturday, 2.30pm, €55/ €32.50, 01 677 1717

Broken Croí/Heart Briste project arts centre Nomadic gaelgoir Manchán Magan delivers a retort to Des Bishop, with his own show about the perils of language-learning. Starts Monday, 8.15pm, €15/€12, 01 677 8899

An Appointment with Mr Yeats abbey theatre Mike Scott and the Waterboys (including Steve Wickham) set some of WB's monster hits to their folk-rock music. SOLD OUT. Starts Monday, 7.30pm, €49.50, 01 677 8899

Sodome, My Love project arts centre One woman survived God's wrath in destroying the ancient city, and has finally come to explain what really happened. Olwen Fouéré stars. Starts tomorrow, 8.15pm, €25/€20, 01 677 8899

Stones in his Pockets olympia What happens when Hollywood chews up a little Irish town -- and where it spits the pips -- is the subject of Marie Jones' two-handed epic, with Simon Delaney and Conor Delaney. Ends tomorrow, 7.30pm, €25/€20, 0818 719300


Haroon Mirza mother's tankstation Mirza's sound and sculptures explore aspects of the Islamic world, and in particular the call to prayer. 01 671 7654

Anne Tallentire imma Veteran Irish artist returns to Dublin with a show of her work (largely in video) over the past decade. 01 612 9900

Francis Alÿs imma The Belgium-born, Mexico-based former architect presents 111 small-scale paintings from his Le Temps du Sommeil work. 01 612 9900

Dorothy Cross & William McKeown kerlin gallery Two-person show from a pair of Irish artists with a fascination for water. 01 670 9093

Jorge Pardo imma Photomurals of the Cuban-American artist's work. 01 612 9900 Family St Patrick Tour kildare street, national museum Green-themed tour around the national collection, exploring ancient links and artefacts related to our patron saint. Saturday, 11.30am, all ages, 01 677 7444

Big Day Out merrion square Pure St Patrick's Day craic as street performers from around the world show off acts and eccentricities, including a human jukebox. Sunday, noon, www.stpatricksfestival.ie