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Get in gear and clear your head

THIS weekend I'm down in Mondello. I'm really into cycling – it's my first love really. I've been doing it since I was a kid and am obsessed with different types of bikes. I spend most of my weekends racing about the place.

Last year, me and a few of my mates set up the Clontarf Cycling Club and we already have over 100 members. We didn't expect so many people to join but it's taken on a bit of a life of its own and is really popular.

We cycle loads of different routes around Dublin.

Last week we all trekked out to Clarke's Farm because one of the lads we were cycling with has family there.

It was a deadly trek and when we got there, we ate some strawberries, got some pots of strawberry jam, hopped on the bikes and headed back home.

It was over 100k all round – I do that distance at least once a week. I get up at 7am to go cycling. It's an early start but I absolutely love getting into the gear and speeding along the roads – it's a great way to clear your head.