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Georgia really needs to cut down on the slap, says next top model star

ASPIRING Irish models have a "delicate sweetness" when compared with their British counterparts, says designer and MTV star Whitney Port.

Whitney (27), star of The Hills and The City, was speaking in her new role as judge on Sky's Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model.

Her role will see her sit alongside head judge, supermodel Elle McPherson, and male supermodel and actor Tyson Beckford.

But despite her high-profile role, Whitney says she has insecurities like the rest of us. In her case, it's her ample bosom.

Whitney, who modelled in the past, explained how she was "hiding them right now" after jetting into Dublin for a press launch for the new Sky Living programme.

"I don't ever show them off to be honest," she said. "But as I get older, I try to embrace them a bit more. What am I going to do? I'm not going to go under the knife.

"But you become more confident as you get older with the curves that God gave you and you also surround yourself with people who love you for who you are. Those things aren't as important as you think they are."

The blonde beauty was asked to critique some of our own top models including Georgia Salpa, and expressed incredulity when told that the well-known beauty's assets were all natural.

But she advised Georgia and some of her fellow models to cut down on the slap if she wanted to make it big in the industry after being shown their pictures.

"I see that these girls are a little bit more commercial looking but they're gorgeous, very pretty. I think if they had a make-under where they had less make up and more natural, I think then they could make it.

"I think for me personally, less is always more. When you come to a casting, we would want you to be as natural as possible with no make-up, hair down and T-shirt and jeans."


She also said the aspiring Irish models she saw on the show had a "delicate sweetness" that their British counterparts didn't have and said they also had "gorgeous skin".

And she was particularly impressed with our own supermodel, Erin O'Connor, who appears as a mentor on the new series.

"She was so great, she was a voice of reason for the girls. She's so smart and really experienced in the modelling industry, I learned a lot from her. It's all about having that relationship with the photographer and learning your angles and what looks best."

She saw her role on the modelling show as that of an "older sister" to the contestants and tried not to be too harsh during panel.

"That's the worst part. It is a hard thing to do because it's so hard as a young girl to be told certain things about yourself and how you look, that will effect you for the rest of your life, as you're so impressionable."

Another new addition to the show is male supermodel Tyson Beckford, who has previously appeared on the American version of the show alongside Tyra Banks.

And he reckoned Irish girls were well able to hold their own when it came to their fellow rivals.

"I don't think the Irish look is much more different, it's more so the personality," he said.

Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model starts on Sky Living HD on July 9 at 9pm.