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George Hook reveals plan erotic novel series


George Hook

George Hook

George Hook

He's set to hang up his broadcasting boots next year, but George Hook is already eyeing up a change in career direction as he revealed he is writing a series of erotic novels.

The former rugby pundit (74) is penning a series of books which will be based on the life of an "ageing" radio presenter on the verge of retirement called Jeff - a "ladies man".

"[Jeff] is fat, old and balding and he is coming near the end of his life and he looks back," Hook explained.

The Newstalk presenter is planning to retire in 2016, but insisted his books will not be autobiographical, just "complete fiction".

Hook recently admitted he previously wrote a steamy novel which was rejected by publishers, but he has high hopes for his latest offerings.

"I'd be confident of this getting published," he said.

Speaking on the Brendan O'Connor Show on RTE Radio 1, the broadcaster also spoke about how he has been attracted to other men.

"There isn't a schoolboy at some time that didn't have a crush on another man," the Cork man said.

"I remember going to the Leinster schools athletics in the Iveagh Grounds and finding a fella in the 4x100m relay very attractive."