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Gary Neville is in for a whole new ball game

IT HAS been ages since I’ve kicked a ball around so it’s going to be interesting to see how I get on in Niall Horan’s Charity Football Challenge for Keith Duffy’s Irish Autism Action later this month.

Keith is such a great friend of mine and I really wanted to get involved to raise awareness for people with autism. I’m going to be on Piers Morgan’s team with Rod Stewart, John Aldridge and Martin Kemp and it’s going to be unreal getting the chance to see some of my idols.


I’m just praying that I don’t lose the ball whenever they pass to me. I’ve also found out that the retired Man United player Gary Neville is on board and that’s exciting because as a Liverpool fan, I’ll be dying to take him on out on the field.

For Keith and Lisa, the day is all about raising money for others like his amazing daughter Mia (pictured left), so everyone’s really eager to make sure it’s a success.

She is such a wonderful kid and we had a brilliant time when she came down to the Mrs Brown’s Boys set with her mum Lisa to do a couple of scenes for the film.