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Gary Barlow: My shock at the sexy X Factor Auditions

X FACTOR judge Gary Barlow has told of his shock at seeing the overtly sexual moves teenage girls were performing during auditions for the show.

The Take That singer (40) said the over-sexualisation of female singers is even affecting the behaviour of his three children.

“Music videos these days are so sexual,” the singer said.

“The other day, I wanted some music in the kitchen and put on one of the music TV channels and a video came on which was so rude that I had to turn it off because my nine-year-old was with me.”

Gary, who is married to former backing dancer Dawn, is father to three children – Daniel (11), Emily (9) and two-year-old Daisy. The singer said he was shocked by what he saw during the auditioning process for the TV talent series.

“It all filters down. We had girls auditioning for the X Factor and you wouldn’t believe the kind of moves they were doing. I sat there and just thought, ‘Jesus Christ’.

“I have had five nine-year-olds in my back seat singing along to Black-Eyed Peas songs with ‘F this’, ‘F that’ and I’m like: ‘Right, I’m stopping the car!’”


Before Gary replaced show boss Simon Cowell on the series this year, the X Factor attracted hundreds of complaints for performances on the final last year.

X-rated performances by Christina Aguilera and Rihanna prompted almost three thousand complaints from viewers to independent UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom.

According to Ofcom, the routines were “at the margin of acceptability” after it received some 2,868 complaints.

Meanwhile, Irish contestant Janet Devlin has flown back home to Tyrone for the first time since her selection for the live shows.

The redhead will turn on Omagh's Christmas lights, and has brought the X Factor camera crew with her to get shots of her greeting her fans.

More than 10,000 people are set to turn up to the town centre tonight, and extra security has been put in place around Janet.

“We heard she arrived into Belfast airport before lunch and is being chauffeur-driven to the event in a limousine with a police escort,” an insider told the Herald.

“It's all been very secretive, details have been coming through in snippets over the past couple of days.

“We know she's filming for a later date and the X Factor security and camera crew are coming along with her, so they are going to be |concentrating on getting scenes for the homecoming if she gets into the last three.”

Janet's mentor, Kelly Rowland, is expected to cheer on her act from the sidelines as she takes to the stage at 7pm for the festive occasion.

According to pals close to the singer, X Factor bosses confirmed Janet would fly home after she made it through to the quarter-final on Sunday's results show – and she can't wait to catch up with friends.


“There was talk of them coming home anyway this month to film so when it was suggested that Janet turn on the lights it made sense to combine the two trips into one.”

Roads in and around Omagh have been closed off in the preparations for the schoolgirl's arrival and hundreds of posters of Janet's face have been put up by producers in support.

“Every year the turning on of the lights draws a huge crowd, but we're expecting a massive surge in numbers this year for Janet.

“Everyone has been rallying around her.

“It's very much a community affair, there's always a fantastic crowd and it's a great night,” added a source.

“There'd be huge disappointment if she didn't sing for the crowd, there'll be so many kids there to see her that they would expect her to give a small performance.”