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Gardai take centre stage in fourth series of Love/Hate


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LOVE / HATE robert sheehan

LOVE / HATE robert sheehan


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AS if gardai didn't have enough to worry about, with longer hours, lower pay and fewer numbers, now they are to be the stars of the eagerly awaited fourth series of Love/Hate.

Writer Stuart Carolan (40) has revealed that, with the boys in blue taking centre stage, filming of the hit RTE drama has been taking place in the closed Whitehall garda station.

But there will be one less hoodlum for them to deal with as Navan man Carolan has confirmed that Darren, shot at the end of season three, is dead – even though actor Robert Sheehan (25) was photographed on the set of the upcoming series.

"Darren is 100pc dead. He got a couple of bullets to the head. There will be no Bobby Ewing moment," said Carolan. But instead of being replaced with more hoods, gardai are to be the lead players in season four.

"The gardai are going to figure in this series in a big way. Up until now, we have only seen gardai asking questions. Now we are going to tell the story from their point of view and we will have a number of garda characters.

"They have a hugely difficult job and I've tried to reflect that in what I've written."

He was speaking at a Q&A with Rialto Youth Project as part of the Coca-Cola Cinemagic Film and TV festival with show stars Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Susan Loughnane.