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Gadgets and gizmos

I've a friend who is only vaguely gadgety.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT? Mainly about how they are not gadgety. Kidding! We have loads of stuff to chat about, and have had fun together in the past but, oh man, just try and get some of those precious moments sent to you as a jpg and you'll be crying.

OH NO! MUST HAVE COPIES OF THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS! I know! I thought a printout or two would be easy enough, but no joy there -- unless I wanted a black and white copy they had their work printer spit out (not that any of my friends would abuse their office equipment!) I really didn't know what my options could be, until I got a look at the Canon Selphy CP800 Compact Photo Printer.

AND LOOK AT IT! IT IS ADORABLE. It really is, and its set up is utterly intuitive and will not put a bother on you. One lead plugs into the wall and on into your computer via USB -- and that's only if you want to print from your desktop. There are other options, of course, and you can print directly from a flash drive or an SD card.

HANDY. Definitely. I will say that the interface via computer was a bit of a learning curve, and an unnecessary one at that. The Selphy Photo Print software will only recognise one folder on the desktop, so if you keep your photos in other places, you'll have to get them all in one place, which is annoying.

TEACH YOU TO BE ORGANISED. I am organised. Anyway, then you have to figure out how to print, which shouldn't be as irritating as it is -- unless you are printing multiples, you have to go back to the main page and start over.

BUMMER. Those are the last of the quibbles because otherwise, this little thing is a complete gem.

It prints images that are crisp, clear and in glorious colour in less than two minutes apiece. Once they land in the photo tray, they are fully dry, so you can go ahead and print multiple images without worrying that they're all going to stick to each other. It makes almost no noise, too.

BRILLIANT! Yeah! So now I guess I can chase around to all my ungadgety friends and make my own prints of those precious moments. Have Selphy, will travel.

The Canon Selphy CP800 retails for €119 and is available at all good electronics shops