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Films: Leap Year *

Oh, sweet jesus, what have we done to deserve this? Brain-dead rom-coms are a hard-enough watch at the best of times, but this one ploughs through the pain barrier at supersonic speed and has the additional embarrassment of being chiefly set in Oireland.

Amy Adams plays Anna, a go-getter Bostonian who hears the "ancient Irish tradition" of women proposing on February 29th and flies to Dublin to snare her boyfriend Jeremy (Adam Scott) on that date.

Before you can say "begorrah" and "top of the mornin'" -- although one character does say that, to save you the bother -- she's taking a trawler from Wales to Dingle (don't ask) and going off to Dublin in the company of twinkly eyed barman Declan (Matthew Goode). Cliché piles upon cliché, the Paddywhackery will make you puke and the whole thing is so cringe- inducing it almost makes PS I Love You look like It Happened One Night. I said almost.