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You've ruined my trip to the movies

AN etiquette guide for moviegoers has been put together after a poll revealed more than half of film fans get annoyed by people talking in the cinema.

Other common gripes include people rustling their popcorn and loudly slurping drinks and people putting their feet on the chairs.

The poll of 1,500 people found 52pc were annoyed by people talking, while 15pc said the biggest problem were public displays of affection once the lights had gone down.

But two thirds (66pc) said they were too polite to tell off fellow cinema-goers.

The poll, commissioned by Empire Cinemas, found modern technology is an issue for many with 39pc saying they had read a plot spoiler online which had ruined the film.

The cinema chain will put up posters in its theatres reminding customers of its golden rules and has launched a campaign fronted by TV presenter Paul Ross.

He said: "We go to the cinema to enjoy, not endure, a movie. To immerse ourselves in a fantasy world," he said.

"And I want those strange things to stay on the screen. Not to happen two rows in front of me. As when, years ago, I smelt a strange smell and saw some odd movement in my peripheral vision. And there, at the end of the row, a middle aged man had pulled out a wooden stool with a leg missing and was gluing it back together -- in the dark."