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Young Irish actress Emma Eliza and Antonia Campbell Hughes land plum new roles


Antonia Campbell Hughes. Picture Tony Gavin

Antonia Campbell Hughes. Picture Tony Gavin

Antonia Campbell Hughes. Picture Tony Gavin

Their latest roles may be as failing musicians in a forthcoming Irish film, but Antonia Campbell Hughes and Emma Eliza Regan's acting careers are headed in the opposite direction.

Antonia (31) has just wrapped filming Les Cowboys in India opposite John C Reilly and is set to star opposite Sam Neill in sci-fi thriller DxM.

Emma Eliza (25, right) has appeared in Irish horror film Darkness on the Edge of Town opposite Brian Gleeson and can currently be seen in Get Up and Go with Peter Coonan and Killian Scott.

"I'm shooting at the moment in Dublin, it's called Fading Away and it's myself and Antonia Campbell Hughes - we play lead singers in a band that is failing dramatically in Dublin," Emma Eliza told the Herald.

"Antonia is incredible - she's really, really talented. She's really professional and amazing to work with."

Once she has wrapped filming here, Emma Eliza will be spending the summer shooting in London.

"It's a psychological thriller called Nursery and it's another really amazing role," she said.

"My character doesn't know the difference between reality and what's in her mind.

"I'm looking forward to it and I feel like I am getting really interesting parts.

"It's such a tough industry especially for women and so I feel lucky to be getting strong lead roles."

She has been quietly working away for years but her star will go international when she stars opposite Pete Doherty in The Second Coming. The movie is based on a WB Yeats's poem and Emma Eliza will play Maud Gonne to Doherty's Yeats.

"Pete is an incredible talent, he's very interesting and poetic," she said.

"The film is a modern day interpretation of a Yeats poem and it is based on the relationship between Yeats and Maud Gonne and how she inspired him.

"It's out later this year and I'm really looking forward to it," she added.