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'We won't sell our wedding pictures', says loved-up Jack Reynor


Jack Reynor, Madeline Mulqueen at the premiere of MacBeth

Jack Reynor, Madeline Mulqueen at the premiere of MacBeth

Jack Reynor, Madeline Mulqueen at the premiere of MacBeth

Jack Reynor has vowed not to sell wedding pictures to a glossy magazine when he ties the knot to his fiancee, Madeline Mulqueen.

The couple have been engaged since last year, but Jack says they're not ready for marriage and kids just yet.

"I think we're a little way off those kinds of things yet, - all I can do is continue making movies for the time being and see where things take me in the future," he told the Herald.

"No, I'm afraid we won't be doing [a magazine deal]. That's going too private.

"That's the way I was raised - that's my personal life and those kinds of things are for me and my family and the people I love.


"I think it muddies the water a bit if you start letting your professional life overlap that way into what you do in private. It's a pretty important boundary to make, I think."

The 23-year-old was in Dublin last night for the Irish premiere of his new film, Macbeth.

Jack said he only found out he got the role of Malcolm two weeks before the shoot began.

The adaptation of the famous Shakespeare play stars Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and Jack says his fellow Irishman was on hand to give him some career advice.

"I don't have a huge role in this film, but it was great to just be on that set and observe these incredible actors," he said.

"Michael has got great charisma and he's a brilliant actor. We had some great career conversations, and he's certainly full of great advice. I'm looking forward to grabbing a pint with him soon," he added.

Jack recently wrapped filming on Free Fire opposite Cillian Murphy (inset) and is set to start filming WWII drama HHHH with Rosamund Pike and Jason Clarke in the coming weeks.

"I'm really excited for it and I'll be filming it until early next year," he said.