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Two new movies for model Viv as acting gamble is a winner


Vivienne Connolly

Vivienne Connolly

Vivienne Connolly

MODEL mum Vivienne Connolly has landed roles in two additional short films, after her Hollywood debut in Brant Smith's In World War.

The Herald can reveal the aspiring actress wowed movie bosses with her recent performance in the American sci-fi movie and was immediately signed up to shoot two more projects.

Vivienne will begin shooting on Dave McCabe's small screen project, Eclipse, in the coming weeks, before moving onto Johnny Elliot's project, Finding Rachel immediately after.

"It's all starting to go really well for me now," Vivienne explained. "Things are really taking off.

"It was just so nice to get the experience with an American director such as Brant Smith in In World War.

"I play the character of Mary B and I've got about five or six lines in the movie, it was my first feature and we shot over the course of three days. It's basically about this guy who can travel through time and keeps waking up in different cities every day," she explained.

And while Vivienne didn't have to leave her beloved children, Ben and Katie, behind to travel abroad to shoot scenes on the movie's foreign locations including New York, San Francisco and Paris -- she hasn't ruled it out in the future.

According to the glamorous Compton model: "The producers have been travelling around to all the different locations to shoot each scene so I didn't have to go anywhere which was great.

"But having said that, if anything does come up, I'm sure I'd work my way around it.

"You can't afford to turn anything down when you're trying to establish yourself as an actress. It's all experience," she added.