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Titanic and Star Wars are returning ... in 3D

Director James Cameron has revealed he is converting his blockbuster Titanic to 3D for release next year.

The movie, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, was one of the highest grossing films of all time.

All six Star Wars films are also in line for the 3D treatment as movie bosses ramp up the new format.

Done properly, 2D movies converted to 3D can look fantastic, Cameron said.

"We have our third generation now of kids who are under 12 years old who have never seen Star Wars on the big screen," fellow director George Lucas added.

"And I am betting a lot of people will go see a movie that they have seen on television a million times and they have the video at home, and they will go and see it because they want to see it in the theatre in a social experience."


Star Wars creator Lucas says 3D will eventually take over at the cinema in the way colour replaced black and white.

Lucas and fellow technology pioneers Cameron, the maker of Avatar, and DreamWorks boss Jeffrey Katzenberg pointed out that digital film-making was only in its infancy but would bring vast improvements to how movies were made and seen.

Digital technology in general was revolutionising film-making the way sound did in the 1920s, Lucas said. The new digital 3D craze had hits and misses, but should one day become the big-screen standard over 2D presentation, he added.