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Time travel gets a romantic spin

If you're seeking out a weepy chick flick that'll eat up a box of tissues, look no further. Based on a best-selling novel, it's the tale of how true love can conquer all -- even a lover who keeps disappearing.

No, unlike most guys he's not down in the pub watching Bolton v Fulham, he's got a major problem: he can't stay in any one time period for too long, disappearing into the past and future.

Which is a bit of a bummer on a date (or even your wedding night), but here Claire Abshire (the yummy Rachel McAdams) manages to do just that with her other half Henry DeTamble (Eric Bana).

The movie opens with Henry as a six-year-old boy who sees his mother die in a car crash. And, over the years, he travels again and again to the same scene.

Which is a pain as he can't change history and must watch it repeat itself.

The movie is full of romance, but it's also a bit odd. You see, Henry can't bring his clothes with him and appears naked every time he pops up in the past or future.

Which is a bit sinister when, in his birthday suit, he meets his future wife when she is just a child, in her sprawling, wooded back garden. Note to parents: don't let your children talk to naked men hiding in trees who say they're time travellers.

Fast forward a few decades and Claire, by now a librarian, meets Henry and they start to date, leading to marriage (even when he disappears as he's about to walk up the altar, and comes back older for the ceremony).

The two leads are very good, and the ending is a bit shocking. But it's more than just a tale of time travel, it's an examination of the ties that bind us in an ever-changing world.

Bridget Jones meets Dr Who, it's not a bad choice -- and Rachel McAdams should keep the guys happy.

DVD extras: Supposed to have a making-of featurette, but mine must have disappeared into a past or future world as I found zilch on my copy.