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Tim Burton: Remember me? I'm your father

Tim Burton, the Hollywood director, says he is taking a break from work so that his children by Helena Bonham Carter don't forget who he is.

He and his girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, live in adjoining homes in north London – with a separate house for their nanny and children – but Tim Burton, the director of Alice in Wonderland, says he will now spend more time with the little ones.

"I want to hang out with my kids," the director says of Billy Ray, six, and Nell, two. "I don't want them to forget who their dad is. I have worked really hard these past two years. I think I need to recharge my batteries."

The American, 51, who met Bonham Carter, 44, on the set of his film Planet of the Apes, declines to say how long he will take off. Their homes are connected by what the actress describes as an ''airlock'' through which they pass to meet up.

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